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Dig In are at the forefront of student sampling, where your brand’s potential meets the vibrant energy of Gen Z.

Experience a marketing revolution as we empower your brand to stand out in the buzzing university scene, connecting you directly with over 500,000 students across 180 universities. At Dig In, we don’t just open doors; we create gateways to enduring brand loyalty and trend-setting presence among the most dynamic consumer group of today!

Empowering Brands to Connect
with Gen Z

Empowerment is the key to marketing success. At Dig In, we’re not just about bridging gaps; we’re about forging powerful connections between brands and the Gen Z audience. Our student sampling strategies go beyond mere exposure; they’re about creating meaningful interactions that resonate deeply with this influential demographic. It’s where your brand’s voice becomes part of their lifestyle, their conversations, and their choices. Embrace the power of engagement with Dig In, and watch your brand become a beloved part of the Gen Z narrative.

Experimental Marketing: Tailored
to the University Terrain

Our approach goes beyond conventional marketing – it creates a voice that echoes across campuses.

We specialise in creating experiences that leave a lasting impact, from interactive campus events to innovative product trials. We’re all about bringing your brand to life in the places that matter when they matter!

Student Sampling: Unlocking the Power
of Gen Z insights

Imagine your products in the hands of eager, influential students. That’s what we do.

Our student sampling strategies are backed by data and driven by real student preferences. We provide exclusive access to university halls and accommodation, ensuring your products not only reach but also resonate with over 530,000 students.

Your Partner in Building Long-Lasting
Brand Loyalty

Our mission? To turn students into your brand loyalists. We delve into the data, track trends, and decode student behaviours. The result? Campaigns that not only speak to Gen Z but also speak for them. It’s not just about the now; it’s about nurturing a connection that grows and evolves.

Results you’ll want to shout

Insights to win over a generation of users

giffgaff has partnered with Dig In for 8 years, in this time we’ve delivered millions of SIM cards to new students across the UK. Together, we’ve helped them acquire over 100,000 new customers and counting, securing their position as the most-loved mobile network for generations. But the real magic lies in the data. Asking students what they want to see in phone providers helped giffgaff transform its direct marketing and answer the calls of the most important generation.

Our insights have impact

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Your Campaign, Our Expertise: A Winning Combination!

With Dig In, you’re not just choosing a student sampling service; you’re choosing a partner in success.

Our bespoke campaigns are crafted with your brand’s unique identity and goals in mind. From the initial consultation to final execution, we’re with you every step of the way

Check Out Our FAQs!

What makes Dig In different from other student marketing services?

Our exclusive access to university accommodations and our deep understanding of Gen Z’s preferences set us apart. We’re not just about reaching students; we’re about engaging them in meaningful ways.

How do you measure the success of a campaign?

Success for us is measured in real engagement and lasting brand affinity. We track both qualitative and quantitative outcomes to ensure your brand not only reaches but truly connects with the student audience.

Can you tailor campaigns for specific university demographics?

Absolutely! Our campaigns are as unique as the students we target. We tailor each campaign to resonate with specific demographics, ensuring your brand message hits the right note.

What kind of brands have you worked with?

We’ve proudly partnered with a range of brands from different sectors – all looking to make a mark in the student market. From startups to established names, we tailor our approach to meet every brand’s unique needs.

How do you ensure brand safety and compliance in campaigns?

We take brand safety seriously. Every campaign is vetted for compliance with university guidelines and student welfare, ensuring a positive and safe experience for all parties involved.

What’s the first step to launching a student sampling campaign with Dig In?

Starting your journey with us is simple. Just book a consultation, and let’s start crafting a campaign that makes your brand the talk of the campus!

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