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Dig In is a trailblazing student marketing company. Since 2015, we’ve revolutionised how brands connect with the vibrant Gen Z demographic. Specialising in student sampling, we offer unparalleled access to over 500,000 students annually across 180 UK universities. Our approach isn’t just about reach; it’s about creating meaningful and lasting brand affiliations with the influencers and brand ambassadors of tomorrow.

Empowering Brands with Unique
Student Insights

Dive deeper with Dig In’s exclusive student-centric strategies. As a specialist student marketing company, our expertise extends beyond traditional marketing – we delve into the heart of student preferences and behaviours.

Our innovative student app and robust market research provide both quantitative and qualitative data, ensuring your campaigns resonate authentically with university students. With Dig In, your brand doesn’t just reach students; it engages and grows with them.

Exclusive Access, Tailored Campaigns

As the official booking agent for marketing activities in 1,450 halls of residence, we offer unmatched access to student communities. Our Dig In welcome boxes and hall drops aren’t just products but experiences that students embrace. Our sector exclusivity guarantees that your brand stands out, crafting campaigns that are as unique as your brand’s story.

Your Partner in Nurturing next-generation
Brand Loyalty

Partner with Dig In to see your brand thrive in the dynamic youth marketing landscape. From digital acquisition to youth support, our array of specialities ensures your brand captures the essence of youth marketing. Our journey with each brand is a collaboration aimed at sparking the imaginations and loyalty of today’s most influential consumer group.

Want to Know More About Us – Check Our Our FAQs?

What makes Dig In a unique Student Marketing Company?

Dig In has exclusive access to over 1,450 university halls, reaching 500,000 students annually. Our approach combines physical product sampling with digital insights, offering brands a comprehensive strategy to effectively engage with the Gen Z audience.

How does Dig In ensure effective targeting and engagement with Gen Z?

Our strategies are built on deep insights into Gen Z behaviours and preferences gathered through our innovative student app and market research. This allows us to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with the student demographic.

Can Dig In tailor campaigns to specific brand goals and student groups?

Absolutely! As a specialist student marketing company, we are experienced in creating bespoke campaigns that align with your brand’s unique identity and objectives. Whether it’s targeting specific student groups or achieving specific marketing goals, we tailor our approach to suit your needs.

What kind of ROI can brands expect from partnering with Dig In?

Brands working with Dig In benefit from high reach, low wastage, and significant ROI. Our targeted campaigns are designed to not only reach a large number of students but also to create lasting brand affiliations and loyalty.